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reverse image search selling stock photos
Photo by Agence Olloweb / Unsplash

Stock photo reverse image search is a useful thing to learn when you are selling stock photos. Microstock contributors want to know who buys their media. This helps us better understand our clients and their needs, which helps us to create better stock photography. When we see how businesses use our images, we can produce more of these types of photos and increase our sales.

The marketplaces don’t tell us.

When you sell a stock photo on a website like Shutterstock, the marketplace doesn’t tell you exactly who bought the image. This isn’t ideal for our research. They don’t show us how our photo is being used, or the websites that they appear on. The most common type of usage license we sell allows for the same photos to be sold multiple times while being used across a variety of different websites.

selling stock photos
Shutterstock shows me that I sold this image 10 times, but doesn’t tell me the who bought it, or where it’s being used on the web. This one photo could possibly be on 10 different websites.

Stock photo reverse image search using Google

The simplest solution is to use Google’s free reverse image search. This will show us exactly where our images are being used. However, this isn’t your only option.

stock photo reverse image search
Go to and click this button to search using an image! Simply upload your stock media here and Google will show you where the image is being used on the web.

Pixsy is a more advanced alternative that automates the process of reverse image search AND acts as a tool to fight copyright infringement. So not only does this make your research easier, but it also helps you stop people from using your images without your permission.

Pixsy Reverse Image Search
photo from the Pixsy dashboard, showing one of my stock photos it found on the web
selling stock images reverse image search
Clicking the link provided by Pixsy brings me to a website that is displaying my stock image inside of their article. They purchased my photo from Adobe, giving them the legal right to use it here. This information is helpful to me, because now I know how/why this image was sold. I now plan on taking more photos of National Forest campground signs.Source –

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