Over 200 GIGS of FREE Cloud Storage

Over 200 GIGS of FREE Cloud Storage
Photo by Pero Kalimero / Unsplash

How this works?

This is a little trick I learned while looking around for different cloud storage options. The way it works is you sign up to multiple free cloud storage service providers, then use some software called Air Explorer to sync all of the accounts together into one quick/easy desktop interface.

Why this works?

This works because these cloud storage providers each provide a free tier to their cloud storage service. When you add up all the free storage space from each provider, you end up with over 200 gigs of free space! This is enough to store quite a bit of your files.

The Issue and solution

The issue is that having to log into 50 different websites to access your files is annoying. The solution is the free version of Air Explorer. It gives you a simple interface on your desktop to quickly access each cloud storage account. There is a paid version that has additional features, but the free version works fine for my needs.

List of free cloud storage providers

Dropbox – 2 GB

Mega – 50 GB

Google Drive – 15 GB

OneDrive – 5 GB

Box – 10 GB

Yandex – 10 GB

Naver – 30 GB

Magenta – 10 GB

Hidrive – 5 GB

pCloud – 25 GB

Datto Drive – 2 GB

Huawei – 5 GB

Mail.com – 2 GB

4shared – 16 GB

OpenDrive – 5 GB

TeraCloud – 10 GB

MediaFire – 10 GB

JottaCloud – 5 GB

Paid alternative

Need more than 200 gigs? Prefer having your data saved in only one companies cloud instead of several? iDrive could be what you are looking for. This is what I currently use for cloud storage. It was the cheapest I could find for the massive amount of cloud storage I needed.

The only downside I’ve found with iDrive is that it’s slow compared to more premium cloud services like Google Drive, but that isn’t an issue for me. I needed a ton of storage for my stock photography/video files, iDrive gives me that for a fraction of the price of the major cloud storage providers like DropBox.

Get your first year of iDrive for 90% off the list price by using my promotional referral link. Five terabytes of cloud storage for 7.95$ the first year, then 79.50$ per year after that.