Direction - Microstock

microstock media
Photo by Zane Lee / Unsplash

Since I started this blog, and the many others before it, I’ve written about tons of different subjects. This is fun because it keeps me engaged and stops me from getting bored. Although this goes against the common SEO recommendation of having a “niche”, I’ve always preferred the freedom to write on different subjects.

I wish I didn’t have to worry about making this blog profitable, but to make it sustainable, I have no choice. From now on, I’m heading in a new direction with the blog by writing more blog posts around the microstock niche. Occasionally I will write on other subjects, but I need to appease the search engine gods to help this project grow.

I chose microstock as my niche because it’s a hobby that I’ve grown to love. Plus, I’ve noticed increased interest and web traffic to my microstock guide. Another benefit is that I can pivot to other subjects around photography/videography as my blog grows. 

The microstock guide that I wrote will become pillar content. That post will become frequently updated and expanded upon while I simultaneously release new articles.