Another Reason Why You Shouldn't Use Wirestock

Another Reason Why You Shouldn't Use Wirestock

According to this YouTube user @mattfowlerkc, WireStock recently had their Adobe Stock account deactivated. This means if you use Wirestock, all the photos you had with them are currently not available on Adobe Stock. This is a big deal because Adobe Stock is one of the most popular/profitable microstock marketplaces available.

YouTube Video from User @mattfowlerkc

Reddit user u/Dunadan94 explains below that the same thing has happened in the past with BlackBox, a service similar to Wirestock. A huge downside to these types of services is that your photos are pooled into one giant portfolio that includes the work of others. These other microstock uploaders can upload content that they don’t legally own, which is considered copyright infringement.

Reddit Quote from User u/Dunadan94

When the marketplaces find these illegal images/videos, it is considered a violation of their terms of service. The multi-marketplace upload tools that I recommend do not pool your images in with other microstock photographers, so you don’t have to worry about something like this happening. Check out my full Wirestock review here if you want to see the other reasons why I do not recommend Wirestock.

Update to the Wirestock AdobeStock Account Situation

According to a new Reddit post on January 5th 2023, Wirestock just sent out an email to its users stating that there has been a resolution to their account being penalized on Adobe Stock. Their account seems to be back in good standing, and Wirestock now credits their users uploads in a new way.
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