Print on Demand Market Expected to Have Explosive Growth

Print on Demand Market Expected to Have Explosive Growth
Photo by Mourizal Zativa / Unsplash

If you aren't already selling your photography as print on demand (POD) products, you should be. A recent report by Straits Research states that they expect the print-on-demand market to grow from 5.39 USD billion in 2022 to 39.03 USD billion by 2031.

This will likely cause more investment into the POD space. As the market grows, so will the marketplace features and printable products. I hope that the expansion will help photographers and other artists make more from their work.

Getting involved now can help your POD business grow as the market does. Keep uploading those files and grow your portfolio. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and subscribe to get email alerts when I publish new articles about selling photos online.

Online retail sales growth is one of many factors assisting the sector's expansion. The restrictions imposed by Covid-19 led to an increase in online shopping, which raised the demand for goods that were printed on demand. Print-on-demand platforms provide consumers with printing solutions customized to their specifications. Depending on the platform, artists and merchants owning a print-on-demand business and wanting to sell their designs online can connect their existing online store or create a new one. The service providers will print the customers' orders and ship the product to the customers, completing the end-to-end fulfillment service.